Top Marketing Strategies for Computer Repair Service Businesses


In just about every field of expertise other than the humanities and the communication disciplines, there is a bit of a disconnect between achieving mastery and convincing others to pay you for that mastery. If you’re a computer person- you probably know exactly what we’re talking about. Sure, you may have your friends and family convinced that you know computers- but that’s because they see you do things that leave them baffled every day. When it comes to putting together a computer service business and coming up with a full and complete computer repair marketing plan– this can feel a bit outside of your wheelhouse.

The trouble that technologically minded people like yourself have is they tend to loathe the idea of “the schmooze.” It’s a perfectly respectable position to hold. But it’s going to leave you short of customers and cause your business to fail if you don’t figure something out, and soon. To that end, we have put together a brief guide to selling your computer expertise without violating your sensibilities.

Top Marketing Strategies for Computer Repair Service Businesses

Know Your Customer

A common response to this injunction from a computer repair guy is, “everyone is my customer.” Well, okay- but people have a lot of options as to where they go for computer repairs and service.

The point here is why should they go to you specifically? What is your particular value proposition. What can you do that other IT techs don’t, won’t, or can’t. Your business should be special in some way. Maybe you specialize in certain brands or product types. Maybe you service high-end equipment. Whatever it is, put your finger on the types of people who want what you do best- and target that demographic.

Know Yourself

Knowing yourself and knowing your customer are going to be closely linked. If there’s any overlap here, it’s worth the emphasis of repetition. You need to focus on what makes you unique, valuable, and most of all- worth paying for. What is the thing you understand best? Is that thing especially lucrative? If not, can you switch to something else?

Maybe you’re an expert on scanners. If that’s the case, you might want to build a more art-oriented computing service. Macs are good with creative things, and Mac fans like to spend money. See where we’re going with this?

Price Creatively, Price Fairly

Some people would prefer to pay for a service plan that allows them to call in service when they need it. A lot of solo IT people find the idea a bit foreign. But you should embrace it. These kinds of contracts are often the most lucrative deals out there.

What’s special about prepaid plans is, when your customers pay on a schedule, they are about 97% less likely to go to anyone else for service- even if they are asking for something that’s outside your advertised specialty.

Other customers will prefer to pay as they go. You should be open to both types of business, with some preference for the former. Regular contracts should take precedence on your schedule. This is because you get the best type of advertising possible through your contract customers- Business to business word of mouth.

Impress a CEO with great service, and he’ll tell his CEO friends about you. Ready to have zero free time and a fat bank account?

Make Time For Computer Repair Marketing

As a computer repair expert, you’re a natural problem solver. The trouble with thinkers like yourself is you tend to want to do marketing the way other people do house cleaning- a little bit here and a little bit there. This is not ideal- and it’s not a great way to clean houses either.

You want to set aside time to sit down and focus on your marketing efforts. For someone like you, it’s probably best to think of your brand’s reputation as an asset that you can build up and improve over time- kind of like a specialty gaming computer. You can begin with a social media campaign, for example. Spend thirty minutes a week promoting your brand on social media. Set aside another thirty minutes to create attractive signs and the like. Now, that’s one hour a week dedicated to marketing. You’ll be surprised what you can accomplish with just a little bit of focused time.

After a couple of weeks, asses your progress. Decide whether you need to spend more time on marketing. Decide whether or not you need to make a wider range of types of marketing. Be ready to assign thirty-minute slots to those as well.

Make Networking a Social Affair

Chances are you already like computers enough to spend a great deal of your social time doing computer-related activities. Well, it’s time to take your passion and start acting like a professional.

You will find that trade shows and business conferences related to computers can actually be quite interesting. You’ll meet people who feel the same way. Before long, you’ll start building up a social life around your vision of yourself as a computer expert. You’ll find this can be quite satisfying.

Before you know it, you will be effectively, and passionately making connections. In business, we call that networking, friendo.

Logos Signage & Computer Repair Marketing Materials

We’ve mentioned this already. But it’s worth noting that the artistic flair you bring to your service’s brand image is to your business what your appearance and manner of dress are to you. When it comes to first impressions- it’s everything. Do not take half measures with the aesthetic side of your marketing efforts. Take your early cues from the big brands, then make your image your own.

If You Fix It, They Will Come

The best advertising is the advertising that comes from the mouths of satisfied customers. Take the time to make them feel welcome and appreciated. Most importantly, give them great service. Do a little extra just to make your service special. If you can give their machine a noticeable improvement in five minute’s time- do it. If they don’t understand the value you added, explain it to them. Short of buying out Apple, this is the best thing you can do for your computer repair marketing efforts.

Getting a Loan to Invest in Computer Repair Marketing

If you’ve developed a business plan, the next step might be financing it. That could mean accessing a loan. We recommend that you consult a business credit expert before you apply for business credit. If you need funding for your marketing campaign, a qualified business credit expert will help you obtain capital to make your advertising efforts hit the ground running.